The Institute for Formal Ontology and Medical Information Science was founded in April 2002 utilizing a grant of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. IFOMIS comprehends an interdisciplinary research group, with members from Philosophy, Computer and Information Science, Logic, Medicine, and Medical Informatics, focusing on theoretically grounded research in both formal and applied ontology. Its goal is to develop a formal ontology that will be applied and tested in the domain of medical and biomedical information science.
Inquiries regarding long- and short-term research visits are welcome.
Training Course in Logic for Biomedical Research:

1st International Workshop on Ontologies and Information Systems for the Semantic Web (ONISW 2007):

Chairpersons: Mathias Brochhausen, Martin Doerr, Han Hyoil

European Union Network of Excellence in Semantic Interoperatibility and Data Mining in Biomedicine
Volkswagen Foundation Project Forms of Life (deutsche Version)